How Many Travel Agency in India Are Expedia?

How Many Travel Agency in India Are Expedia?

There are a number of travel agencies in India. Here are a few of them: Thomas Cook, Club Mahindra, Cox & Kings and Expedia. Let’s take a look at each of them in more detail. Which one is the best for you? Which one’s website do you prefer? What’s the best travel website for you? Is there a way to find out the answer to this question in less than an hour?

Cox & Kings

For 260 years, Cox & Kings has been offering quality travel services. Today, it operates from 23 countries, including India. Cox & Kings UK and India are separate entities and operate independently of each other. It is also known as The Travel Company. The UK operations have a much higher profile in the tourism industry than the Indian division. Here is an overview of the company’s services. This article is written by a senior member of the company’s management.

The company’s Indian division has grown substantially since the merger, and has a strong presence in several states. In 2008, Cox & Kings formed a separate company, Royale Indian Rail Tours Ltd., which operates a luxury train in India. In 2009, the company acquired East India Travel Company Inc. Cox & Kings (India) Ltd., and issued shares to the two companies. In addition, 60% of the shares were allocated to the staff gratuity trust fund.

The Cox & Kings travel agency in India has a long and distinguished history, going back to 1758. Though its roots lie in Great Britain, it has expanded to many countries in the world. The head office is in Mumbai and the group has self-bought offices in major cities throughout the country. As the largest travel company in India, Cox & Kings has been providing quality travel services for over 260 years. Its travel booking service has been one of the leading travel brands in the country.

However, a recent investigation by the EoW found that the company’s finances were tainted by related party transactions. Almost 90 per cent of the company’s revenue was made through related-party transactions. The company’s profits were not enough to wipe out the losses. This money was siphoned off to Redkite, which is also owned by Kerkars, Khandelwal, and Jain. While the investigation continues, the company’s CEO Peter Kerkar has reportedly agreed to cooperate with the judicial body.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is the largest travel company in India and one of the most innovative companies in the industry. It has been in business for more than a century and has continued to innovate in the industry. In the wake of the recent financial crisis and the attack on Sri Lanka, it has proven its resilience and continued to grow. Despite the tough times, Thomas Cook is taking advantage of this transition to improve its internal operations and reimagine how the industry will change in the coming years.

In India, the travel giant has re-opened retail stores in 77 cities. It has expanded its omnichannel footprint by partnering with Mastercard and HDFC Bank to launch the ‘FunTastic Asia’ campaign. With this campaign, customers can now avail of instant discounts on holiday packages to South East Asia. Customers can also avail the offer if they hold HDFC Bank Mastercard. This partnership will continue to strengthen Thomas Cook’s position in the domestic market.

Thomas Cook is one of the oldest and most respected companies in India. It has been around since 1881 and offers a variety of travel services. From forex to visa support to travel insurance, Thomas Cook is a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs. It has also been credited with many innovations in the travel industry, including the concept of the first traveler’s cheques. Despite a poor standalone performance, the company has continued to grow its other businesses and has maintained a resilient balance sheet.

The company reported revenue of Rs 170 crore in 9MFY20 and EBITDA of Rs 10 Cr. Its financial performance has been good as of late, with new initiatives including a Bollywood blockbuster tour and a special 70th anniversary tour. The occupancy rate has remained steady and ARR has stabilized at Rs 4519. The company also added a new product line, which will focus on the Bollywood market.

Club Mahindra

Booking a holiday is as much fun as actually going on the trip. You discuss where you want to go, book flights, and buy all the necessities. Then, you have to change flight dates or change hotel reservations. When it comes to booking your next vacation, Club Mahindra can help. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway with your significant other, or a family vacation with your kids, the club has you covered.

For those who want to experience a premium holiday experience, Club Mahindra offers its membership plan. This flexible plan entitles you to seven days of premium holiday experiences every year. You can even take these days on the same week or break them up into two or three days. You can also club the unused days from next year into this year’s week. And, what’s even better, you can start your trip while paying off your EMIs. You can get started with just Rs 9,900!

Club Mahindra has a dedicated app that will offer users a one-stop destination for all their travel information. The app will not only offer you detailed information about each resort, but also let you contact their Member Relationship team for any special requests. It also allows you to share your holiday experience with friends and family so that you can share the memories with them. This app will also help you stay up-to-date with all the latest offers.

MHRIL values quality service and tries to continuously improve its chain of hotels. In fact, it has been known to have more than 50 resorts worldwide. This success is a direct result of their reliability, superior customer service, and superior quality assurance. The company’s motto is “Good Living, Happy Family.” The brand is known for its quality of service and offers a complete family vacation package.


When you travel to Asia, you will most likely be using Expedia to book your hotel, car hire, and activities. But how many travel agencies in India are Expedia? There are actually 53, but Expedia hasn’t formally announced which of those is the largest in India. It’s worth checking out the competition if you’re interested in booking your trip to Asia. After all, it’s not just Expedia that makes great deals on flights.

In February, Expedia announced plans to expand their affiliate program. They now count over 100,000 travel agents in the country. However, the news may not be good for their stock. Expedia’s business-to-business segment is a material part of their business, and the company has been struggling to maintain its market value. If you’re interested in earning a commission from Expedia, this may be a good time to join the program.


The company is a top online travel agency in India with over a million monthly users. The company’s growth can be attributed to its focus on domestic travel. While the international market continues to grow and become more competitive, domestic travel is also experiencing a resurgence. However, the company has been through some rough times lately, with a recent court ruling dismissing the company’s claim that its proposed merger with Ebix was sabotaged. In May, Yatra filed a complaint claiming that Ebix made the deal less desirable to them. Ebix subsequently started negotiations with Yatra in early 2019.

The company started operations in 2006 and is now one of the largest travel agencies in India. It offers an extensive range of services, including airline ticketing, hotel booking, bus and rail ticketing, homestays, activities, and ancillary services. Yatra also offers special travel packages to India’s Heritage and Monuments. In addition to travel packages, Yatra has acquired over 600 corporate partners, making it one of the largest platforms for business and leisure travel in the country.

Founded in 1962, ATB was India’s first corporate travel service provider. In 2017, it employed more than 700 travel experts and managed travel plans for 400+ medium and large companies. With its expertise in travel, ATB became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yatra, creating the largest corporate travel platform in the country. The company’s travel expertise spans all industries, from FMCG to consumer durables, from media to manufacturing.

Ebix has a large stake in Yatra. The companies signed a merger agreement in July. However, the deal never closed. The companies later filed a lawsuit against each other. Yatra shares have risen more than 17% in pre-market trading. And Ebix has plans to launch an IPO in the second quarter of next year through its EbixCash venture. There is a lot of money in the market for the online travel agency.

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