How Much Travel Do I Need In My MTB Suspension System?

How Much Travel Do I Need In My MTB Suspension System?

How much travel do you need in your suspension system? Suspension travel refers to how far your shocks are able to move. If your shocks have too much travel, they’ll make your MTB bounce like a pogo stick. Suspension sag refers to how far shocks can compress before bottoming out. If you don’t need a lot of suspension travel, go for 100mm or less.

203mm of suspension travel is overkill

The question is: how much suspension travel is necessary on a mountain bike? There are many factors to consider, from skill level to terrain, but the most important bike spec is its suspension travel. Other bike specs are usually tailored to the suspension, but the question is whether 203mm of suspension travel is overkill for mountain biking. It depends on the situation, so the question really comes down to personal preference.

Long-travel bikes are overkill for the trail you plan to ride. They require more effort and energy to push around and climb. On the other hand, short-travel bikes tend to be more comfortable, allowing you to get a more active feel for the trail. The difference is noticeable in both comfort and riding ability. Ultimately, the more suspension travel you have, the less you’ll feel the bumps in the trail.

100mm of suspension travel isn’t enough for trail riding

For the casual rider, 100mm of suspension travel is adequate. For the more aggressive rider, however, 130mm or 150mm of travel is necessary. This is because fast riders tend to hit rocks and roots faster, which means more compression in the fork. The standard 100mm of suspension travel is enough for cross country riding. However, if you are looking for a high-end mountain bike for aggressive riding, you may need more travel to compensate for the lack of suspension.

140mm of suspension travel isn’t enough for enduro riding

While many enduro enthusiasts prefer full suspension bikes, this may not be the best option for you. Consider the terrain you’ll be riding, and whether or not 140mm of suspension travel is sufficient for your needs. If you’re an enduro rider who is new to the sport, a bike with less travel may be better for you. You’ll have more freedom of motion and more comfort while pedaling uphill and downhill.

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