Learn How to Travel in French

Learn How to Travel in French

If you speak French, you may eventually plan to travel to a French-speaking country. If you do, you may want to learn a few key phrases in French before you leave. One of these is the verb voyager, which is just a regular -er verb with an e before the a and o. Learn how to use these terms to get around on your trip. This will help you communicate effectively while you’re away from home.


“Voyager” is a verb that means to travel. There are many different ways to conjugate this verb, including past tense, present tense, and even third-person singular. Learn more about voyager from its context examples. These are some of the most common usages of the verb. Voyager is one of the best-known spacecrafts, and many people are fascinated with it.

The new trip is ideal for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the French language. Students can enjoy four acres of grounds, and there is a fully equipped sports centre. There are also local excursions that can be arranged. The new programme includes nature activities and takes advantage of the seaside setting of the hotel. Students can visit the Bay de Somme nature reserve, which is home to a huge colony of seals.


If you want to know how to tell the time in French, you should learn how to pronounce the word “heures”. The word starts with a mute h, but the French pronunciation of the letter “s” is /z/. For example, 11h10 is the same as 11:10 in English. The simplest way to tell the time in French is to say “il est”.

Enregistrer les valises/les bagages

There is a particular way to enregister your suitcase or bag to travel in French. You can do so by using the verb faire (to do). In French, you will need a pese-bagage portatif in order to verify the weight of your luggage. During your trip, you will need to enregister your bagage at the airport. You can also save some money to pay for the airfare if you’re flying internationally.

To avoid long queues at the airport, you can register your luggage online or at your nearest airport. Remember to register your luggage at least 48 hours before your flight to avoid possible delays. However, you’ll need to bring all necessary documents with you so that you can claim your baggage. Having all of this documentation with you will ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. Here are some tips to register your bag:

If you’re traveling to France for the first time, make sure you prepare your luggage for the trip. Pack your clothes and shoes before you leave. Rouling your bag is a great way to save space and avoid things from freezing. Also, invest in a good debrouiller. This way, you’ll avoid paying excessive fees for registration and recovery time. While it may seem complicated, following your mother’s advice could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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