Travel 7 Seas Song by Leonard Cohen

Travel 7 Seas Song by Leonard Cohen

One of my favorite songs to travel is the Travel 7 Seas song by Leonard Cohen. It’s a great song to float on the ocean and think about the beautiful places you’ve seen. And what better way to celebrate the end of a great adventure than by listening to this song? The words “seven seas” mean the ocean, so I’ve sung them many times. I’ve never gotten sick of them!


The Seven Seas (Remastered) album is a new age collection of songs and instrumentals by Marcome, a Canadian recording artist. The album features a wide vocal range and a celestial voice backed by divine keyboards and rhythmic percussions. The album’s sound is dreamlike and Zen-like, inviting the listener to experience the wonders of a magical journey. You’ll find the music in two forms: mp3 and wave.

Flowing tempo and angelic vocals lend a mystical undertone to the lyrics of the Yeku travel 7 seas song. The lyrics are reflective and the song’s atmosphere enchants the listener. After its release, the song became a global hit. Many new age music radio programs placed it on their Top 20 play lists and became a popular request from listeners worldwide. The song has been performed by many internationally renowned musicians.

Dana Gillespie

English singer-actress Dana Gillespie has a very diverse career. She started performing as early as her teenage years, and has since recorded over 45 albums. In addition to her singing, Gillespie has also appeared in several films and stage productions. Her latest album, Dana Gillespie sings travel 7 seas, is her first solo album since the release of her debut album, The Last Song.

While her career started in theatre, she has also starred on stage. In the 1972 production of Jesus Christ Superstar, she portrayed Mary Magdalene, a character that many equate with Jesus Christ. She also starred in The Who’s Tommy, and Othello’s Catch My Soul. In 2011, as her second LP began to take off, she moved to the USA, where she played in clubs and concert halls.

Although she was no longer in the band MainMan, Gillespie continued to record Blues albums after the group split up. Her unreleased demos and singles from 1971 help paint a complete picture of her talent. Her voice, notably, remains unrivaled. But she was still able to find a niche in the genre – her outtakes from the period are both outstanding and revealing.

Dana Gillespie has released more than 60 albums. She has combined her music with other passions, including water skiing, and became a junior British champion in the sport. She has collaborated with many artists, including Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan. She has also performed with many famous musicians, and has entertained audiences across the globe. She sat down with Radio Sai in the studio to talk about her career.


With her debut album Seven Seas, Marccom has worked with the likes of Diana Krall, Cecilia Bartoli, Branford Marsalis, and Sir George Martin. She also has collaborated with artists such as Tom Waits, Daniel Lanois, and Pat Metheny. Her rich, multi-layered voice is sure to enchant and inspire. “Travel 7 Seas” is a compelling listen and a great introduction to her work.

Seven Seas (Remastered)

One of the top female vocalists in Canada, Marcome, released Seven Seas, her debut album, in 1995. This album was a critical success and showcased her soaring vocal range. The album also features rhythmic percussions and divine keyboards. It is a truly zen-like experience, inviting the listener to embark on a magical journey. The album’s lush orchestration, lush harmonies, and meditative mood will be a real treat for any Marcome fan.

The album’s track “Sailing on the Seven Seas” was first released as a single and is their highest charting song in the UK. The song also received a remix of its own by Larrabee Studios in North Hollywood. This song has received critical acclaim worldwide and is a must-have on any OMD fan’s music playlist. There is a downloadable MP3 of this track on Wynk Music.

Song Lyrics

The best travel quote, which is also the title of a popular R.E.M. song, is from the singer Kylie Minogue: “Everybody, travel the world seas, and feel absolute peace”. But where is the Mediterranean Sea? There are seven seas in the Mediterranean Sea and none of them is located in Europe. Luckily, many people can travel to the Mediterranean by sailing or renting a sailboat.

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